“Big Sky Country” 24″x36″ Oil
"No Wind, No Rain” 20″x24″ Oil
"Deep Into the Desert State II" 33"×19" Serigraph
(SOLD) “Quiet Evening” 22″x40″ Oil
(SOLD) "Coming from the Bisti" 20″x24″ Oil
(SOLD) "Study for Many Many Miles" 18"×14" Oil
(SOLD) “500 Miles From Home” 24"×30" Oil
(SOLD) "Pioneers Barreled" 35"×45" Oil
(SOLD) "Geronimo Failed" 38"×32" Oil
(SOLD) “Distant Skies” 14”x18” Oil
(SOLD) "Study for Punk Cowgirl" 16"×16" Oil
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