"Arid Forms" Debut EXHIBITION BY Brett Allen Johnson

April 2017 

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Maxwell Alexander Gallery is proud to introduce American Modernist, Brett Allen Johnson's debut exhibition -Arid Forms-.  Johnson’s paintings focus on the vast landscapes of the Southwest.   Johnson’s influences are immediately recognizable, from the pioneers of the 1900s, Dixon, The Taos Society of Artists, and O’Keeffe, to the modern masters like Hagege and Dean.   According to Johnson, “These are the artists that have inspired my work.  Dixon especially.  There’s no way to remove the indelible mark that has put on us...  But I’m excited to pull from them my own views of the Southwest.”
At 33 years old Johnson is excited to show the world his interpretation of the America’s desert landscapes.  While some artists paint a subject just as we all see it, there are others who paint works that allow us to see through the artist’s eyes.  By looking at Johnson’s art, our mind travel to a far off land and we are able to imagine the world differently. 
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