"The Watchers" 30"x24" Oil
"There's A New Sheriff In Town" 24"x24" Oil
(SOLD) "Messin' With the Wrong Gal" 32"x28" Oil
(SOLD) "Finders Keepers" 12"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "Ramblin' Rose" 48"x36" Oil
(SOLD) "His Land" 14"x14" Oil
(SOLD) "Make My Day" 12"x9" Oil
(SOLD) "American Lioness" 36"x24" Oil
(SOLD) "Trick Shot Lucy" 32"x32" Oil
(SOLD) "Calling it a Day" 31"x22" Oil
(SOLD) “I Got Him, Bitch” 8″ Round  (14″ framed)
(SOLD) “The Movie Maker” 6″x6″ Oil
(SOLD) "Signal Properly” 5″x8.5″ Oil
(SOLD) “Welcome Home, Honey” 14″x14″ (24″x24″ Framed)
 (SOLD) “Lights Out, Dear” 8"x12" Pastel
(SOLD) "Calling it a Day" 15"x11" Conte Pencil
(SOLD) "Harmonious Habitat" 12"x12" Conte Pencil
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