"Amber Canyon" 24"x36" Oil
"Sycamore Trail" 23.5"x28.5" Oil
(SOLD) "Autumnwood" 30" x 40" Oil
(SOLD) "Picture Show" 30"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "Ancient of Days" 30"x40" Oil
(SOLD) "Green Mountain" 30"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "Levels and Degrees" 24"x24" Oil
(SOLD) "Monumental" 36"x48" Oil
(SOLD) "Majestic" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Available Space" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Cold Autumn Day" 16"x10" Oil
(SOLD) "Spanish Minstrel" 16"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "The Watchers" 24"x32" Oil
(SOLD) "Sandy Creek" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Lonesome Trail" 16"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "Back Country" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "They Will Pay" 16"x16" Oil
(SOLD) "Porch Music" Oil 12"x12"
(SOLD) "Desert Sentinel" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Trespass" 29 5/8" x 22" Oil
(SOLD) "You Look Lost, Gringo" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Morning Rider" 12"x16" Oil
(SOLD) "Where I'm Going You Cannot Follow" 12"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "Wrong Answer" Oil 10" x 8"
(SOLD) "Serenata" 8"x10" Oil
(SOLD) "Study for Jack in the Thicket" 9" x 12" Oil
(SOLD) "None Shall Pass" Oil 16" x 20"
(SOLD) "Evening Smoke" Oil 8" x 10"
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