“Riders at Long Mesa” 12″x16″ Oil
"Repetition in Clay" 11"x14" Oil
"A Piece of the Pie" 24"x18" Oil
(SOLD) "Signs of Autumn" 12"x16" Oil
(SOLD) "Coming Rain" 30"x40" Oil
(SOLD) "Canyon de Chelly" 12"x16" Oil
(SOLD) "Between a Rock and a Hard Spot" 30"x24" Oil
(SOLD) "Vermilion Flats" 35"x42" Oil
(SOLD) "Autumn Canyon" 24"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Rising Moon" 12"x16" Oil
(SOLD) "Spring at Tabletop" 18"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "Taos Mountains in Autumn" 18"x24"
(SOLD) "October in Canyon de Chelly” 36″x46" Oil
(SOLD) "Autumn at White Cliffs" 24"x36" Oil
(SOLD) “Sage and Shadow” 11″x14″ Oil
(SOLD) “Mesa Light” 11″x14″ Oil
(SOLD) "Dark Clouds, Monument Valley” 16″x24" Oil
(SOLD) “Navajo Sky” 9″x12″ Oil
(SOLD) "Arizona Skies” 16"×20" Oil
(SOLD) “Cloud Drapery” 11"×14" Oil
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