Glenn Dean "They Come with the Dust..." 48"x60" Oil
"Shadow Riders" 24"x24" Oil
"The Daily and Eternal" 30"x36" Oil
(SOLD) "The Visionary" 6.25"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "Return Journey" 9"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "Saddle Brothers" 20"x40" Oil
(SOLD) "Drifters" 30"x36" Oil
(SOLD) “Valley Portal” 40″x40″ Oil
(SOLD) "Sundown at the Ranch" 30"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "Sunset Trail” 20″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) "A Place of Worship" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) “Scouting the Range” 12″x16″ Oil
(SOLD) “Roving the Rangeland” 20″x20″ Oil
(SOLD) “Bounty of the Desert” 28″x28" Oil
(SOLD) “Chewing the Fat” 12″x16″ Oil
(SOLD) “Holding Steady” 30″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Homeward” 20″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Mesa Rider” 20″x32″ Oil
(SOLD) “No Sign of His Cattle” 20″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Passage” 30″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Toward the Setting Moon” 12″x12" Oil
(SOLD) “Twilight Moon” 30″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “At the Overlook” 40″x32″ Oil
(SOLD) “Vaquero” 24″x24″ Oil
(SOLD) “Vaya Con Dios” 20″x24″ Oil
(SOLD) “Passing Storm” 24″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Canyon Riders” 24″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) "Vermillion Cliffs" 24"x30" Oil
(SOLD) “Afternoon Sun” 16″x20″ Oil
(SOLD) "Gazing West" 30"x24" Oil
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