"NYC in Grey and Green #2" 18"x18" Oil
“Nights in New York Winters” 26”x49” Oil
“NYC #21” 48”x48” Oil
“SF 12” 48” Round Oil
“SF Blue and White” 24”x24” Oil
“In the Garden by Twilight” 30”x20” Oil
Jeremy Mann "Una Bella Adagio" 53"x50" Oil
 “Lux Julia” 36″x36″ Oil
"Harmony in White” 23”x16” Oil
"Note in Warm Tones No. 1" 10x8" Oil
"Figure Composed Form Study 22" 6"x6" Oil
"Figure Composed Form Study 20" 6"x6" Oil
"Figure Composed Form Study 24" 6"x6" Oil
"Figure Composed Form Study 25" 6"x6" Oil
“Chorine” 34”x23” Oil
“Moonlight No. 2” 10”x8” Oil
“The Silk Scarf” 30″x19″ Oil
“Bacchante” 24″x12" Oil
“Eve” 24″x12″ Oil
“Afterglow” 14″x11″ Oil
“Cityscape Composed Form Study #2″ 6″x6” Oil
“Cityscape Composed Form Study #9″ 6″x6” Oil
“Cityscape Composed Form Study #12″ 6″x6” Oil
(SOLD) “Woman at Rest in Blue” 12″x12″ Oil
(SOLD) “NYC #29” 36”x36” Oil
(SOLD) “NYC #27” 36”x36” Oil
(SOLD) “Composition 172” 48”x48” Oil
(SOLD) “The Cagebird” 48”x24” Oil
(S0LD) “Opaline” 48”x24” Oil
(SOLD) "Note in Lavender no. 1" 8"x10" Oil
(SOLD) "Note in Pale Green no. 11" 8"x10" Oil
(SOLD) "Luna" 40"x30" Oil
(SOLD) “Moonlight” 10”x8” Oil
(SOLD) “Figure in Red #3″ 11″x14” Oil
(SOLD) “NYC #20″ 48″x48” Oil
(SOLD) “NYC #33″ 36″x36” Oil
(SOLD) “Note in Pale Green 5″ 14″x11” Oil
(SOLD) “Morning Downpour on Market Street” 25″x25″ Oil
(SOLD) “Night Rains in SF” 36″x36″ Oil
(SOLD) “NYC #22″ 36″x36” Oil
(SOLD) “NYC #19″ 30″x30” Oil
(SOLD) “Ferox” 12″x16″ Oil
“(SOLD) Figure Composition in Black and Green” 8″x10″ Oil
(SOLD) “Study of a Pale Glow” 8″x10″ Oil
(SOLD) “Pale Blue Lace” 24″x24″ Oil
(SOLD) “Nadia” 19"×13" Oil
(SOLD) “Plumose” 18"×24" Oil
(SOLD) “Verdant Pallor” 51"×45" Oil
(SOLD) “Feral” 20"×16" Oil
(SOLD) “The Mirror in White” 30″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Winter, North Brooklyn” 20"×20" Oil
(SOLD) “Rooftops in the Snow” 18″×24″ Oil
(SOLD) "New York #7” 48″×48″ Oil
(SOLD) "Nocturne and Rain from Bar to Bar” 12"×12" Oil
(SOLD) “Repose, Evening” 12"×12" Oil
(SOLD) “The Russian” 40″×24″ Oil
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