"Bent Bicycle" 16"x20" Oil
"Pacifica" 20"x20" Oil
“Study of a Head” 14″x11″ Oil
“Still Life” 8″x10″ Oil
(SOLD) "Shadows of an Alley" 16"x12" Oil
(SOLD) “Mean Green Machine” 9″x12″ Oil
(SOLD) “Entrance” 40″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) "Open Late” 12″x12″ Oil
(SOLD) "Red Fire Escape” 40"x22" Oil
(SOLD) “Wave No. 22″ 18″x24” Oil
(SOLD) “Harbor” 60"×48" Oil
(SOLD) “High Pressure” 10"x8" Oil
(SOLD) “Skull” 10″x8″ Oil
(SOLD) "Askew" 8"x10" Oil
(SOLD) "Vanitas" 8"x10" Oil
(SOLD) “Skull Study Abstracted” 8"x10" Oil
(SOLD) “Study of a Skull” 8"x10" Oil
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