"Direction of the Rain" 60"x60" Oil
(SOLD) "Red and Blue" 6" x 6" Oil
(SOLD) "On the Plains of Sage" 60"x90" Oil
(SOLD) "Way Out" 36"x22" Oil
(SOLD) "Bloom" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Walking Through Clouds" 40"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "The Air is Alive" 30"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "Zig Zag and Stripes" 36"x24" Oil
(SOLD) "All that Remains" 20"x30" Oil
(SOLD) "Vapor" 9"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "Mountainside" 8"x6" Oil
(SOLD) "Skyward" 6"x8" Oil
(SOLD) "Sky High" Oil 16"x20"
(SOLD) "Breathing the Same Air” 40″x40" Oil
(SOLD) "Great Depths" 18"x36" Oil
(SOLD) “The Middle of Everywhere” 48″x60" Oil
(SOLD) "Indigo" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Far Behind" 9"x12" Oil
(SOLD) "The Clouds Are Moving" 20"x30" Oil
(SOLD) “This Mountain of Mine” 30″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Walkabout” 8″x10″ Oil
(SOLD) “Doorway in the Sky” 80″x80″ Oil
(SOLD) “Floating in Space” 22″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Back to Earth” 8″x10″ Oil
(SOLD) “Shades of Vermilion” 20″x60″ Oil
(SOLD) “Icons of the West” 16″x20″ Oil
(SOLD) “More Clouds, More Rain” 30″x30″ Oil
(SOLD) “Billowing” 20″x16″ Oil
(SOLD) “Along the Tops of Mountains” 16″x20″ Oil
(SOLD) "The Past is Present" 30"x20" x 30"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Reservation Hat" 30"x20" Oil
(SOLD) "Curved Mountain" 8" x 10" Oil
(SOLD) "Reservation Hat" 20"x30" Oil
(SOLD) “Light Geometry” 16"×12" Oil
(SOLD) "A Blue Mesa" 20"x16" Oil
(SOLD) "Headed West" 12"x16" Oil
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