Eric Bowman "Updraft" 20"x24" Oil
G. Russell Case "Evening Salute at Red Wash” 24”x36” Oil
Grant Redden "Dusty Trail" 16"x20" Oil
(SOLD) Logan Maxwell Hagege "Taos Plains" 60"x40"
(SOLD) Serge Marshennikov "Fragment of a Dream" 32"x32" Oil
Teal Blake "Rabbit Brush Ponies" 19.5"x23" Oil
Gary Ernest Smith "Sitting Bull" 30"x24" Oil
Gary Ernest Smith "Ranger" 30"x36" Oil
Howard Post "A Day Off" 12"x24" Oil
Howard Post "Wyoming Spring" 24"x36" Oil
Bryan Haynes "Portage de Sioux" 40"x30" Oil
Bryan Haynes "Watering the Remuda" 24"x24" Oil
Joseph Todorovitch "Rapunzel" 20"x12" Oil
(SOLD) Glenn Dean "They Come With the..." 48"x60" Oil
Serge Marshennikov "Nude in Bed" 24"x32" Oil
Jeremy Mann "The Raven" 48"x36" Oil
Jeff Larson “Pheasant on Blue Door” 48"x32" Oil
Jeremy Mann "NYC #41" 48"x48" Oil
Tim Solliday "Chance Meeting" 20"x24" Oil
Hernando Villa "A Sioux Brave"  17.25" x 11.25"
Brett Allen Johnson "Red Dirt Summer" 20"x16"
Natalie Featherston "Bucks Deluxe" 13"x15" Oil
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