Ed Mell "Valley Tower" 60"x48" Oil
(SOLD) Mark Maggiori "Riders of the Coyote Moon" 24"x30" Oil
Brett Allen Johnson "Of Stone and Sand" 36"x38" Oil
Jason Rich “Autumn Cowboy” 15"x7" Oil
Maria Kreyn "Couple II" 16"x12" Oil
Eric Merrell "A Glow Lifted from the Sands" 18"x24" Oil
Billy Schecnk “Old Striped Blanket” 24”x36” Oil
Nicholas Coleman “Campfire at Dusk” 30"x40" Oil
Eric Bowman "Scarlet Conclusion" 24"x24" Oil
Ed Mell "Chinle Shadows I" 10"x18" Oil
Logan Maxwell Hagege "Blue Bandana"
Kim Cogan "1969" 12"x16" Oil
Daniel Keys "Roses & Echinacea" 10"x8" Oil
Michael Klein "Garden Tulips" 12"x16" Oil
Gary Ernest Smith "Sitting Bull" 30"x24" Oil
Serge Marshennikov "Nude in Bed" 24"x32" Oil
Howard Post "Wyoming Spring" 24"x36" Oil
Bryan Haynes "Watering the Remuda" 24"x24" Oil
Jeremy Mann "The Raven" 48"x36" Oil
Jeremy Mann "NYC #41" 48"x48" Oil
Hernando Villa "A Sioux Brave"  17.25" x 11.25"
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