"Wayne" 12"x9" Oil
“Like Dreamers Do” 10″x8″ Oil
“Le Petite Prince” 24″x20″ Oil Portrait Commission
“In Light” 20″x16″ Oil
“Seen” 20″x22″ (Framed) Oil
“Eva in Pursuit” 30″x20″ Oil
“Thumbelina” 10″x8″ Oil
"Journey" 14"x11" Oil
"Mirror, Mirror" 16"x12" Oil
"Dance" 8.5"x6.5" Oil
"Daybreak" 15.5"x9" Oil
 “Emma Choosing” 30"×20" Oil
"Stardust" 9.25"x7.25 Oil
"Ānanda" 5"x2.5" Oil
"Neverland" 20"x16" Oil
"Ofella" 8"x8" Oil
"A Case of Man" 16"x12" Oil
“String, in the Event of Light” 25"x19.5" Charcoal and Pastel
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