On July 13th, Maxwell Alexander Gallery unearthed a collection work devoted to the eternal subject and muse: The skull. In this group show, “Grey Matter,” more than 20 artists capture their relationship with this great symbol of intrigue in various forms and media.

When asked what the inspiration behind curating this show was, Beau Alexander, director of Maxwell Alexander Gallery replied “was to push artists even further, to not just paint a still life of a skull, but to paint what THEY thought of when presented with the idea of a skull. That is why you see such a wide variety of pieces in “Grey Matter” – we left it up to the artist completely.”

Artists were chosen based on the quality of their work and not necessarily their style. “We have some artists that only paint landscapes, some that paint more modern figures, others that paint cityscapes – they’ve all put their focus on creating pieces of art they might not have normally created – and that’s why this show is so unique.”


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