Maxwell Alexander Gallery Celebrates their Five Year Anniversary

Dear Art Enthusiasts, Artists, Friends, and Family: 

My name is Beau Alexander, owner and operator of Maxwell Alexander Gallery.   I am happy to announce that today, December 15, 2017, is officially the five year anniversary of our gallery. 

On December 15, 2012 we held our first exhibition opening simply titled:  "Grand Opening."  The show, which opened in our Culver City location, featured some of the best realist artists in the country including Kim Cogan, Glenn Dean, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Jeremy Lipking. David Kassan, Billy Schenck, and Joseph Todorovitch, just to name a few.   

I clearly remember the night before I had a dream (or nightmare)-- that literally no one showed up to the opening.  Why would they?  We opened the gallery with almost no press, no investment, no advice.  It took us a month to open our doors because we couldn't get an insurance company to grant us a fine art policy.  We had to personally guarantee the building lease incase of a default.  The only weapon in our arsenal was our vision.  Our vision came from the mind of my brother and artist, Logan Maxwell Hagege.  It was to create a safe space, where artists were treated right, and most importantly to give a group of young quality artists a venue to shine:  The New Breed of Fine Art.   That was and still is our tagline.   To my surprise, we had over 400 people attend opening night...a line down the block -- it was clear that collectors understood our vision, we didn't have to explain it.  (continued below)


Maxwell Alexander Gallery: Grand Opening 12/15/12

It didn't hurt that my brother's artist friends were some of the best in the country.   The only reason our gallery has been successful is because of the artists that have agreed to associate themselves with us.   Without their trust in us we wouldn't have lasted a year, let alone five.   Social media has also played a large role in our success.  It only seemed natural to us - share good art, people will respond.  And you have.  

Our knowledge and experiences in the art world have made our gallery a magnet for not only the best artists, but emerging artists as well.  Noted discoveries that had never shown in a gallery prior to Maxwell Alexander Gallery include Brett Allen Johnson, Mark Maggiori, and Vincent Xeus.  All three are names you probably know by now.  Early on we became known for our themed group exhibits that brought together different genres and artists that would have never thought they'd be showing together in the same space.   Our Black Friday exhibit was created so young collectors would have a chance to live with and feel the power of original art in their homes (Black Friday 2017 sold 50 pieces of original art in one day).  

We were the first gallery to show Glenn Dean's figure series - they've been selling out ever since.  We hold the price record sale for Logan Maxwell Hagege for his 2016 painting "Doorway in the Sky," 80"x80" Oil.   We've hosted numerous sold out exhibitions, including four in 2017.  We've revitalized and propelled numerous others simply by presenting their work in a different light.  We regularly consult for museums around the country who are trying to figure out why artists and collectors want to be part of the movement we've created.  It's no surprise museum show rosters look very similar to our own.   (Cont. below)


Glenn Dean "Holding Steady" Oil 30"x30" 

Logan Maxwell Hagege "Doorway in the Sky" Oil 80"x80"

Mark Maggiori "Down the Wash" Oil 40"x40" 

Vincent Xeus "Emma Choosing" Oil 30"x20"

We've been bullied by older galleries and misunderstood by certain collectors - but there is no doubt that those who are able to look forward understand. 

As I reminisce on the last five years I can't help but look forward.  We recently moved into a 3500 sq ft gallery with 16 foot high ceilings in booming Downtown Los Angeles.  We are hosting major exhibitions in 2018 that include artists: Cesar Santos, Sean Cheetham, Mian Situ, Danny Galieote, G. Russell Case, Eric Bowman, and a joint show with Joshua LaRock and Michael Klein.   New works in the gallery from John Moyers, Serge Marshennikov, Ed Mell, and Tim Solliday are just a few other things to look forward to.   We have started to include installations and interactive exhibits during our openings.  In my opinion the traditional art opening has become stale.  We are constantly experimenting to keep fine art interesting - especially to the new generation of collectors.   I'd like to invite everyone to visit our new arrivals page where we try to highlight new works that we receive on a weekly and monthly basis.  You can do so by clicking HERE

I can go on forever, but I'd like to end by thanking all of our supporters, collectors, magazines who write articles on our openings and the artists we represent.  I'd like to thank Logan Maxwell Hagege for creating a movement that has given many artists a new life.   Most importantly I'd like to thank all the artists that have shown or wanted to show in our gallery.  We all owe a debt to you. 

Peace and Love, 
Beau Alexander


Jeremy Mann Installation during OPUS 27 solo exhibition July 2017

Jeremy Mann Installation during OPUS 27 solo exhibition July 2017

Serge Marshennikov "Resting" Oil 23"x32"

John Moyers "Tres Hermanos" Oil 36"x24" 

Brett Allen Johnson "Refuge Under an Arid Sun" Oil 40"x36"

Maxwell Alexander Gallery's New Location