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Dec 6 – Jan 10: Maxwell Alexander Gallery will pay homage to the iconic commercial and social destinations of the Old West.   Trading Posts were integral to the proliferation of American art and to the advancement of a multicultural society.   Logan Maxwell Hagege’s personal interest in the history of trading posts gave him the inspiration to create a microenvironment that mingles contemporary fine art and craft with Western and Native American memorabilia.

The show will consist of contemporary paintings, Navajo Rugs, Jewelry, Kachina Dolls, Cowboy Hats, Leather goods, mixed with an array of historic Native American Goods.  The show will be part installation part sale.   Some highlights include 1950s-era 6-foot-tall kachina dolls, handmade leather goods, as well as a variety of Award winning artists creating Navajo rugs, Jewelry, and contemporary Western paintings.

Trading Post Artists: Randy Brokeshoulder, G. Russell Case, Melissa Cody, Glenn Dean, Danny Galieote, Ishi Glinsky, Logan Maxwell Hagege, Jeremy Lipking, Mark Maggiori, Ed Mell, Sam Roberts, Billy Schenck, Slowpoke Leather, and Various Vintage Native American Goods