April 13 - 27, 2019

Pricing Available by Request

Inquiries: or 213-275-1060

Grant Redden’s first solo showcase with Maxwell Alexander Gallery features new paintings depicting old west icons with references to his daily life. Redden’s atmospheric touch lends itself well to work that is both timeless in appeal, and rich with historic undertones. “With some of my work, I try to make it look like the cowboy and western life from 1900 to the 1930’s, while my models and landscapes are from what I see daily on the ranch,” Redden notes. Although, many may catch the influences of Frank Tenney Johnson and W. Herbert (Buck) Dunton, Redden’s creations are wholly his own.

Born and raised in southwest Wyoming, Redden creates from the same land as his pioneer ancestors and father worked. His mother was born in a log cabin on the Henry’s Fork of the Green river in Wyoming, and his father’s family were some of the first pioneers to settle in the area. Redden paints on a 120 acre ranch, and actively continues to work the land. Strong and reliant, Redden pulls from the very lifestyle he creates, allowing the viewer to participate in his depth of experience. In this, he is continuing to contribute to the legacy of the west while at the same time creating from it.

“The more I paint, the more excited I get about the craftsmanship that goes into a well-made painting…” Redden says. Redden uses multiple layers of paint and color application to build up to the final piece. Up close, the work is completely abstractive; but stepping back makes the moments of varied hue and saturation mesh into a collaborative whole. Much like the partnership needed in ranch life, his compositions and paint application work together to create a synthesis in each final piece.

Redden is a current member of the Cowboy Artists of America, his work is exhibited all throughout the West including the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.   Recent awards include the Gold Medal for a painting at the Cowboy Crossings museum exhibition, five out of the six years he participated (2013-2014, 2016 – 2018), the Anne Marion Best of Show award in 2017, and most dear to the artist, the Stetson award, which is chosen by his fellow CAA artists.

Grant Redden’s new work will be made available to the public Saturday, April 13 at Maxwell Alexander Gallery.   Early preview of images and pricing available by request: or 213-275-1060