Nov 4 - Dec 2, 2017


Logan Maxwell Hagege's newest works are inspired by the artist's recent trips throughout the Southwest.  Shortly after receiving the Thomas Moran award for best painting at the Autry Museum's 2017 Masters of the American West, an award held by Howard Terpning for the last eleven years, Hagege set off on the road.  Remote Arizona and Taos, New Mexico will take center stage on November 4th.

The images presented in the November exhibition by Hagege cannot be seen anywhere but through the artist's own vision, "These scenes make sense in my mind - they're memories from my travels that come out when I paint."   The artist goes on to say that he creates the scene in his mind, draws a compositional sketch, then searches for reference to give it meaning.   The reference can be his own memories, his personal photos, or actual studies he painted while on location. 

Hagege spends hours and days with modern Native Americans on their land.  His vision of the west is juxtaposed with classic blankets and modern clothing mixed in a complex composition with simplified shapes.  They're simple yet very complicated and they create a feeling that is almost impossible to fully grasp.  Each fold of the blanket, each hint of reflective light, each variation of value, each brushstroke is completely purposeful, a mystery to the viewer yet intuitive to the artist.   The viewer is left to create their own story and each time the piece is studied, new emotions emerge, new brushstrokes are discovered. 

We invite you to experience these new works in person November 4th in our brand new gallery in downtown Los Angeles.  The opening reception will be November 4th, 6:30-8:30PM.  Please join us then, the artist will be present.