March 9 - 21, 2019 . Opening March 9th 12-6pm.

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Out West is a three-part exhibition that serves as a lens into the unique perspectives of American artists Bryan Haynes, Howard Post, and Gary Ernest Smith.  These established painters successfully depict present day and historical relics of the West. Painting is simply an outcome of their familiarity and admiration.
Bryan Haynes was raised in Kirkwood, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, where the notable Charles Russell was born. Haynes, inspired by the rolling hills of Missouri and the narrative surrounding them, grew an interest for American Regionalism. After receiving his degree in commercial design, Haynes’ appreciation for the West began to mature into what he calls "New Regionalism."

In Team of Belgains, Haynes depicts a farmer plowing along the hillside overlooking his home and what will soon become his harvest. Haynes’ sinuous brushstrokes amplify the Clydesdales’ muscles pulling towards the end of a hard day’s labor. Long shadows of autumn hues dance across the canvas and bring depth to the vast landscape. This painting carries a celebratory narrative of rural America, which undoubtedly emphasizes Haynes’ regionalism influence.

Howard Post has had many Western specialties outside of his artistic career. Growing up in Arizona, he was born into ranch-life where he learned to be a cowboy, even competed in many rodeos. The love for the West is on full display in each one of his graphic scenes.

Compared to the majority of Post’s works, the painting, Vintage Pens, takes a divergent perspective from below the horizon line, as if one was looking up at the day’s work ahead. The sun shines down casting short shadows over the weathered wood. A skull was hung with pride against the pen’s side panel expressing a sense of nostalgia. Post’s approach is deliberate, thoughtfully placing the paint in a way that brings forth the simplicity only found when standing in the open Western range.

Gary Ernest Smith comes from a cattle-ranch and farm in rural Oregon. At a young age, he learned the merit of hard work and self-reliance. A number of Smith’s paintings in “Out West” feature characters whose stories of determination and independence we have heard since childhood, Billy the Kid for example.  Smith’s portraits carry a design-like quality to them, drawing the viewer’s eye into the idiosyncrasies found in subtle facial expressions.
“Sitting Bull” is a fitting example of Smith’s stylistic composition. The focal point holds the Hunkpapa Lakota leader with rigid features and an eagle feather upright from his head. Behind him are illustrative markings depicting the government vs. Native American wars.

 “Out West” is an homage to the American West.  The show will be on display at the Maxwell Alexander Gallery’s downtown Los Angeles gallery March 9th – 30th.

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